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Margaret Scahill - 1940 - Index of Probates and Wills - 1861 to 1941

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This database is a collection of historical probate records from the United Kingdom. The records in this collection can range in date from the early 1500s to the mid- to late-1800s. The records include wills and other miscellaneous types of probate records. All of the data was converted as it was originally presented in various published registers and books. For this reason, you will find interesting phonetic spellings and large descriptive tables of contents.

What should I know about this collection to access the data?

Some of the records may be in Latin or even a Welsh or Scottish dialect depending on location. The spelling is archaic, and is transcribed as it was written. There are many spelling inconsistencies and non-standard grammar. Phonetic spelling is often used. Try using variant spellings if a search yields no results.

NameMargaret Scahill, spinster

Address: 25 Owen Avenue, Ormskirk, Lancashire

Details: Died 9 February 1940. Liverpool 20 May to Thomas Scahill, Gardener and Agnes Critchley, wife of Stephen Critchley.

Effects£1732 14s 2d

Allan Scahill

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