Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1993 Mortgage Burning Party

I came across this invitation the other day. It's for a mortgage burning party we held back in 1993.

It reads:

Allan & Gloria Scahill
Request that you attend a 9 hole round of golf at the Paradise Valley Golf Course.
On Friday July 9th 1993.
Golf fees to be paid by yourself.
Followed by the long awaited BBQ to celebrate their MORTGAGE BURNING.
Tee-off will begin at 6 PM Sharp!!
Anyone not attending the golf Tourney will be missing out on a lot of fun plus a prize for the lowest and honest score. RSVP by July 7, 1993 - BYOB.

I created the card back in 1993, using my 386 PC with Print Shop and a dot matrix printer. This was the track feed type of printer, where you have to tear the perforated edges off.

Due to the occasion, I had quite a bit to drink that night. I was also not very "PC". I was dressed as a native American Indian. I had put a post into the ground in our yard, and at about 10:00 PM when the sun went down, I commenced to dancing around it. I then set fire to a copy of our mortgage.

We moved into our house in 1978 after signing a 25 year mortgage agreement, so we had paid it off in 15 years. This was achieved by paying half of the monthly mortgage every two weeks and on the yearly anniversary of the mortgage putting in extra cash.

Photographs from the mortgage burning party.

Allan Scahill

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