Friday, January 22, 2010

Patrick Scahill - Bricksetter Labourer - 1891 Census of England - Ormskirk, Lancashire

This is an extract from the 1891 Census of England.

The 1891 census was taken on the night of 5 April 1891 and gave the total population as 28,999,725. The census includes details of people resident in docked vessels and institutions such as prisons, workhouses, hospitals, and barracks, as well as individual households.

Enumeration forms were distributed to all households a couple of days before census night and the complete forms were collected the next day. All responses were to reflect the individuals status as of 5 April 1891 for all individuals who had spent the night in the house. People who were traveling or living abroad were enumerated at the location where they spent the night on census night.

Name: Patrick Scahill

Relationship To Head Of Family: Head

Age: 45

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Bricksetter Labourer

Birthplace: Ireland

Spouse: Annie Scahill

Aged: 45


John Scahill - Aged: 22

Format example of the 1891 Census of England.

This is a link to an Index of Old Occupations, which may help in understanding personal occupation.

Allan Scahill

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