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Other Scahill Families In Fahburren

The other Scahill family in Fahburren was the family of William SCAHILL, born c.1802, died 6th June 1892 aged 90 years. Note 21 In the General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland, 1856, he held a share with three others in 158 acres, 3 roods and 38 perches of land in the townland of Fahburren (Prospect) from Robert BUCHANAN. Note 22 He married Anne KERRIGAN. She was born c.1820 and died 14th Mar. 1875 aged 55 years. Note 23 They had issue of whom one son is known:

1. Edward SCAHILL, born c.1855, f1.1901 aged 46 years. He married 24th Feb. 1878 in Killawalla church Margaret WALSH of Kiltarsachane, daughter of Thomas WALSH (witnesses: Affy KERRIGAN and Catherine CONWAY). Note 24 She was born c.1859, fl. 1901 aged 42 years. They lived in Prospect and had issue:

A. Patrick SCAHILL, 23rd Jan. 1879. Note 25

B. Anne SCAHILL, born 23rd, bapt. 26th Jan. 1880 (sponsors: Richard WALSH and Anne WALSH). Note 26 She was living at home in 1901.

C. William "Willie" SCAHILL, 22nd Oct. 1883. Note 27 He was living at home in 1901.

D. Bernard SCAHILL, 1st Jan. 1887. Note 28 He was living at home in 1901. He died 31st Mar. 1984 aged 96 years. Note 29

E. Thomas SCAHILL, 12th Feb. 1890. Note 30 He was living at home in 1901. Note 31

F. Mary SCAHILL, 1st May 1894. Note 32 She was living at home in 1901.

Note 21 Westport civil registers of death, vol. 13, p. 37. Informant: Margaret Scahill, Prospect, daughter in-law.

Note 22 See enclosed extract. (This is a Valuation Of Tenements for the Parish Of Oughaval)

Note 23 Westport civ: reg. death, vol. 5, p. 75.

Note 24 Castlebar No. 1 civil registers of marriage, vol. 10, p. 7. Affy is a seldom used abbreviation of
Austin, taken from a pet version of the Irish Aibhistin.

Note 25 Westport civ. reg. birth, vol. 10, p. 97.

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note 29 Gravestone inscription 402, Oughaval Graveyard.

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Note 31 A gravestone in Oughaval Graveyard, 401, beside Bernard Scahills commemorates Thomas and
Bridget Scahill of Prospect, which could refer to this Thomas.

Note 32 lbid., vol. 19, p. 86.

Allan Scahill

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