Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Scahills Of Fahburren

Fahburren also known locally as Prospect, an area of Westport.

Prospect lies about five miles to the south west of Westport town, in the eastern foothills of Croaghpatrick, pronounced crow. For more information on Croagh Patrick, check out this site.

Prospect, as a local placename, refers to the townland of Fahburren, and to a certain extent, some of the surrounding townlands.

It takes its name from a house in Fahburren - Prospect - so called because of its elevated site and extensive views over Clew Bay.

This house was occupied by the Buchanans, a local landlord family.

On Ordnance Survey (O.S.) maps, it is evident that the name Prospect applies to this house and its private estate only, but, over time the name has come to replace the older townland name Fahburren, and so, though not officialy recognised as a townland name by the O.S., the name is well known and used extensively in the locality.

In offical documentation the placename Fahburren would be used, whereas in local conversation etc., Prospect would be used to describe the same locality.

Additional information on Westport and surrounding area can be obtained from the genealogy link at "Mayo on the Move".

Allan Scahill

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