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Bridget Scahill - 1874 - Larceny - England and Wales, Criminal Registers, 1791-1892

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This database contains criminal registers from England and Wales for the years 1791-1892. The criminal registers are a listing of individuals charged with crime. The registers provide information about the charged individual, their trial, and sentence (if convicted) or other outcome. Information listed may include:
  • Name of criminal, 
  • Age
  • Birthplace (not often listed after 1802)
  • Crime
  • When and where tried
  • Sentence (death, transportation, imprisonment, acquittal, etc.)
  • Where and when received
  • Date of execution or release
  • By whom committed, to whom delivered
Information obtained from these registers may be able to lead you to other records. For example, if you have a date and place of trial, you will know when and where to search for court records...

NameBridget Scahill 

Details of Date and Place: Line 47. 18 February 1874, Preston, County of Lancaster. Also 23 February 1874 in Manchester

Offence: Larceny

Convicted and Sentenced: None

Term of Police Supervision: None

Acquitted and DischargedAcquitted

Allan Scahill

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