Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ancestral Relationship Chart - How Do They Get To Be Once Or Twice Removed?

How do they get to be once or twice removed? This handy ancestral chart, will tell you.

For a true "relationship" to exist, there must be an ancestor who is common to both individuals. If you examine the chart below, for example, the Common Ancestor is Box 1 on the horizontal scale (HS) as well as Box 1 on the Vertical Scale (VS).Let us suppose that you have a grandson of that common ancestor, as seen in Box 3 of the HS, and you want to know that grandson's relationship to a great-granddaughter, who would be seen in Box 4on the VS.

If you follow box 4 VS, across to where it meets the vertical pathway, to box 3 on HS. Then where those paths cross, it tells you the relationship - They are first cousins once removed.

Feel free to print a copy...

Allan Scahill

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