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Miss Maym Scahill - Dies Aged 85 - Historical Newspapers - Lima News, Lima, Ohio

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Lima News is a daily newspaper in Lima, Ohio, USA covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events. The newspaper is published seven days a week.

The News was founded in 1884. It covers Lima -- named by Judge Patrick G. Goode, who insisted on the Spanish pronunciation "Lee-mah" after the capital city of Peru, though the local vernacular, "Lye-mah", prevailed -- and the surrounding communities of Allen County, Ohio.

Name: Miss Maym Scahill, dies aged 85. Miss Maym Scahill lived at 701 South Judkins. She died at Jackson Park Hospital. She was born to John and Ellen Scahill on November 14, 1880.

Newspaper: Lima Daily News, Lima, Ohio

Event: In Memoriam

Venue: Jackson Park Hospital

Date: 17 December 1956

Allan Scahill

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