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Reverand Josephine Scahill - Conducts A Service For Peter Smith - Historical Newspapers - The Lincoln Star, Lincoln, Nebraska

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The Lincoln Journal Star is Lincoln, Nebraska's major daily newspaper. Owned by Lee Enterprises, the Journal Star was created by the 1995 merger of Lincoln's morning newspaper (the Lincoln Star, established in 1905) and its evening newspaper (the Lincoln Journal, established by Charles H. Gere in 1867 as the Nebraska Commonwealth and later renamed the Nebraska State Journal, under which it won the 1949 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service).

Name: Reverand Josephine Scahill. Funeral service for Peter Smith at Ulysses Methodist

Newspaper: The Lincoln Star, Lincoln, Nebraska

Event: Deaths And Funerals

Venue: Ulysses Methodist

Date: 11 February 1964

Allan Scahill

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