Saturday, August 27, 2011

James Scahill - Gets $100,000.00 In GOP Funding - Historical Newspapers - The Valley Independent, Monessen, Pennsylvania

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Monessen Valley Independent is a daily newspaper in Monessen, Pennsylvania, USA covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.

The newspaper is published six days a week - Monday through Saturday.

The Independent covers Monessen, named for the Monongahela River and the German city of Essen, and the surrounding communities of the "Mon Valley" and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Name: James Scahill, GOP House canidate gets $100,000.00 in funding

Newspaper: The Valley Independent, Monessen, Pennsylvania

Event: GOP Lawmakers Form State PaC

Venue: Washington

Date: 12 January 1990

Allan Scahil

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