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James Scahill - 1st Vice President - Historical Newspapers - Simpson's Leader-Times

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...Simpson's Leader-Times newspaper was located in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. This database is a fully searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years: 1929-77. The newspapers can be browsed or searched using a computer-generated index. The accuracy of the index varies according to the quality of the original images. The images for this newspaper can be browsed sequentially, or via links to specific images, which may be obtained through the search results. Over time, the name of a newspaper may have changed and the time span it covered may not always be consistent. The date range represented in this database is not necessarily the complete published set available. Check the local library or historical society in the area in which your ancestors lived for more information about other available newspapers....

Name: James Scahill

Newspaper: Simpson's Leader-Times, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Event: ... Bowlers Are Given Awards

Venue: Pattonville, Ford City Veterans of Foreign Wars

Date: 28 May 1958

Allan Scahill

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